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“Alternative Facts”

I have a sarcastic sense of humor. I appreciate sarcasm and wit. Got it from my father. What can I say? So forgive me if the title rubs you the wrong way. There’s my disclaimer. Now let’s move on! 

I’ve recently had a life changing experience. I know people use that phrase loosely, but I mean quite literally in this case. The experience helped me see that I’ve lived for so long believing a set of “Alternative Facts”. These facts are the reason I am who I am (what you see on the outside). But they have also kept me from being who I am (what was there all along on the inside). I have often wondered why I am at war with myself. I’ve desperately searched for peace and harmony. The answer, I just found out, is simple. It boils down to who’s report I will believe.

My life is all about sharing in the hopes that what I’ve learned can help someone else. That’s why we testify, right? We want to share the good news of how God fulfilled His promise in our life. For me it’s always been Him illuminating something that I was too stubborn or immature to face. He sometimes has to use drastic measures to get my attention. Because I can be that stubborn and rebellious. Just ask my parents. 

Check out some of my “Alternative Facts” and their truths that were revealed to me just within the last 2 weeks. I can’t tell you how overwhelming and incredible these lessons have been. Well, I can… but we’ll save it for another day.

Alternative Facts: Everyone comes to me for everything. I have to counsel them, I have to encourage them, I have to help them, I have to solve their problems, I have to be a shoulder to cry on, I have to organize, I have to clean up, I have to financially support, I have to see about their overall well-being. I don’t even have a family of my own and I’m already exhausted and stressed out. Who is going to do all those things for me?… Where is my support?… 

Truth: I am beyond blessed that God chose me to be so trustworthy and responsible. He created friendship, leadership, and a persona in me that impacts others and everything around me. People are drawn in when I’m giving them my very best. I can be burdened and fight it because I want to be selfish and short-sighted. Or I can receive my blessing with gratitude and humility and pass it on. Our negativity and avoidance in embracing our gift only prolongs the journey to destiny. We are happier walking in truth and freely giving ourselves to one another.

Alternative Facts: I’m not pretty enough. My lips are too big for lipstick. My teeth are crooked, and getting worse every year. The dark circles around my eyes make me look old and haggard. My hair doesn’t grow fast enough in this climate. My skin is too dry and I have my dad’s “mechanic hands”. I’m allergic to EVERYTHING. I outgrew my talents and passions.

Truth: Every woman (every person) goes through moments of insecurity in life. Just think back to middle school if you can’t relate. I am not a jealous or competitive person, comparing myself to others. I am however, very critical of my appearance because I believed the foolishness fed to me by others. The truth is I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I am made in His image. My worth is far above rubies. I am the most beautiful and perfect creation I’ve ever seen, inside and out… and so are you! I can wear what I want and be confident. As long as I’m comfortable (I can thank my 30’s for that) I could not care less who likes my choice. I’m doing it for me. I am most beautiful when I’m bold and highlighting my natural features. My eyes are a reflection of my story. They are filled with hurt and pain. Once it’s all been acknowledged and washed away I can stop buying topical aids. Until then, Mac has my back! Foundation for days, honey! I can do something about my physical health to ensure that I am on the right track. I’m not a victim to genetics. Allergies? Imagine my surprise in discovering I can eat strawberries so long as they are organic. I can eat oranges and avocado – in moderation. I’ll hold off on the food contests for now. It’s the man-made part that doesn’t compute in my body. 🚫 Pesticides. So I eat what I want now, knowing that it’s not what goes in my mouth but what comes out of it that could defile me. Matt 15:11. 

I encourage you to identify your own set of “Alternative Facts”. What things have you been told or made yourself believe that aren’t really truth? You may have a valid reason, just like I felt I did… But is it serving you?

My goal is no longer harmony. It’s freedom. Desperately seeking it. Once I decode all of my “Alternative Facts” and propaganda I can live in truth and honesty (one is a state of being, the other is an action in this case). At that point I’ll be free. Then my gifts will have no choice but to accomplish what they set out to.

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